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Coming Book Release "The SuperNatural"

by Prophetess Rena Wilburn

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An Awakening to God:

It has been prophesied from old that there was coming a time when creative miracles will happen.  I like many have wondered when God when.  When will the earth behold Your glory?  Why is it that our churches seem so powerless when we serve the same God as the apostles?  Here I believe is the answer that has been given to us for our day.

 “One thing will save America; and it is not the election. It is an awakening to God.” Billye Brim


The Shift in the Spirit:

God woke me up at about 4:30 in the morning He said the following: "There's been a shift in the Spirit. Then He said get up and write:

 There's been a shift in the Spirit.  Those things that use to seem impossible are now possible.  It's for everyone who will reach out and grab it.  (Amen). There's been a shift in the Spirit, saith the Lord.  It's time in your life for miracles, signs and wonders because; There's been a shift in the Spirit. I've seen your faithfulness - through your praise and worship.  Continue to be faithful to give and receive, but most important to make time to worship me.  I'm ready to do a new and great and mighty thing in your midst. There's been a shift in the Spirit. Lo I'm here – Summon (call) me and I'll be there. There's been a shift in the Spirit.

Watch me work - No Fear - No Worry - No Doubt - No Enemy can stop this because, There's been a shift in the Spirit, saith the Lord.


New Generals:

Last year God told me about the shift.  I saw the shift in my spirit again.  It was like this:  There was a big connection.  Everything was fitting together.  Then there was a separation.  The top from the bottom.  The bottom shifted to the right and it joined another top and it fitted just perfectly.  (New Generals, New Breed) It was awesome to see. 

Great Leaders of the Faith have since gone on to be with the Lord.   God said their mantles will be passed on to those that God has chosen, not just those in their inter-circle or families.

This new move of God will be ushered in through prayer and acknowledgement of the Holy Ghost.  I’ve always said that The Holy Ghost is to us as God was to Adam and Jesus was to the disciples who became the apostles.  There will be miraculous signs and wonders (creative miracles).  When people see the Word (truth), not just read it they will believe and be saved.  This power and manifestation will reveal the Glory of God.  Truly God is a good God and He has great and wonderful plans and purposes for His children as they pursue Him in His Glory…  Jesus is Lord.

Many people have already sensed the call of God.  They are spending more time in prayer, praying in the Spirit.  Prayer is their daily necessity.  We move as we are directed by the Holy Ghost.  We need both the Rhema and Logos Word of the Living God, Creator of the universe for this “Great Awakening".


Mark of excellence for this season:

 1)   Be saved and filled with the Holy Spirit

 2)   Make time for prayer and praise (sing praises to God – Unbroken Praise)

 3)   Study God’s word for clarity and direction (if you don’t remember what you read, read it again, don’t hurry)

 4)   Be focus, be diligent (ask God to tell you specifically what your role is in this move of the Holy Spirit)

 5)   Believe and Expect the Word to be manifested (Believe for miracles, Expect Increase… walk in power)

 6)   Decree the Word even in the face of opposition

 7)   Give Thanks unto God for any move of the Holy Ghost (spectacular vs. supernatural)

 8)   Stay Humble especially when you are being used of the Holy Ghost and miracles begin to happen

          (Remember you are not the only vessel being used of the Lord – Write it down, so that you can stay the course)

 9)   Walk in Love, Hope, Faith and Unity of the Body (Check your fruit, your gifts, your heart, your soul and your spirit)

10)   When you fail or fall, quickly repent – also show mercy to others when they fall

11)   its not the big names in this move; It’s anyone who will call on the name of the Lord…

12)   Know your authority in Christ and that it works through humility      

13)   Be faithful to God (When God corrects you, just change, when He speaks, just do it)

14)   Give to the work of the Kingdom (If you can’t go, send someone….)

15)   Give God the Glory (and He will give us the victory)


 Be a part of this move of God….


Prayer: Father God, in the name and blood of Jesus, I thank You for moving in our midst.  Please reveal unto me, Your will for my life, Your purpose, and Your Plan that I may pursue it.  I commit to whatever You say.  My heart is open; my mind is receptive to the unction of the Holy Spirit. I commit to change when He says change, go where He says go and do what He says do.   I trust Him to live big in me and I will do whatever He deems necessary.  I believe every need will be met for your glory and our good.   In Jesus’ Name, Amen…..



 Kenneth Hagin 1980 Prophecy


 You are right on the verge, right on the verge of the greatest move and manifestation of the Spirit of God that this world has ever seen.  You are right on the edge of it.  And just like one standing on the creek bank about to jump in.  And if you will give the more earnest heed unto those things which you have heard, not only those things which you have heard about Faith, and those thing which you have heard about Healing, but also those things which you have heard about the Holy Spirit and the things which you have heard about Angels, and the things you have heard about Divine Visitations.


For remember that it was prophesied by Joel of old that "In the last days", Saith the Lord, "I will pour out of my spirit upon all flesh and your Young men shall see visions and your Old men shall dream dreams.  And upon my Handmaiden will I pour out of my Spirit and they will prophesy."  So not only will it be that your young men will prophesy, but the young women will prophesy.  And the anointing and the outflow of the Spirit of God will be great and amazing in these days.  For there shall be Visitations of Angels.  Be not afraid.  But yet take heed even in these areas for Satan himself has at times come as an Angel of Light.


But examine things in the light of the scripture, and walk in the light of the word and sometimes the angels will give you directions and even in your finances and directions that will save your life as in the case of the shipwreck of Paul.  And directions concerning ministries as the salvation of Cornelius and his household and Philip as the angel spoke to him to go down into the way of Gaza and the Ethiopian was converted.  And so in these days there shall come a mighty manifestation of the Spirit and the work that God intended should be done in these last days shall be accomplished.  For the time is short and things must be speeded up.


And so you're learn much faster Spiritual Things than those of yester years.  And you'll develop much faster.  And it will be said of some, that they just virtually matured overnight.  And they shall go forth to speak in the name of the Lord because they'll Understand The Principles of Faith.  They'll Understand the Principles of the Kingdom.  They'll Understand the Laws of God and they'll operate and minister in that area and nothing shall be hid from them.  There are some who stand here who have operated in a measure in those areas in times past, and because they have let those things slip they themselves in ministries and life have slipped, but they shall be restored.  Yea they are restored this night and the manifestation will come and the Glory of the Lord shall rest upon it and upon thee.  And His Glory shall be seen around about.


And the Cloud of God will fill the house of God.  And yet it will seem as though the whole building is filled with smoke because you see the Glory of God shall be in manifestation.   And great, great shall be the noise there of Praise and Adoration that shall go up from His people.  And it shall be noised abroad and men from afar shall hear it and men from afar shall hear of it.  Men from afar shall come to behold it.  For the Lord shall be in Manifestation in these days.  And all the ways that He ever Manifested himself both in the Old Covenant and the New Covenant plus the multiplying of the Spirit and Power of God of these days.


For as men grow wick and more wick and Satan because he knows his time is short and all his cohorts and his evil spirits go about as never before to devour.  So the power of God, the Glory of God shall be increased and shall


be multiplied.   It will flow like a mighty river and flow like a mighty river.  Yea, the Spirit of God will flow like a mighty river.  And many not only hundreds, not only thousands, but millions will be swept into the flow of that river.  And shall flow forth in Praise and Glory


For the Glory of the Lord is in Manifestation.   The Glory of the Lord will be seen on the faces of His saints.  The Glory of God shall shine forth until a man will walk into a place of business and people will fall on their knees and cry out to God though he said nothing.  And a woman will walk into a place of business and people will fall on their knees and cry out to God though she opened not her mouth.  For the Glory of God will shine through.  For the Glory , Yea the Glory of God will shine through.  For the Manifestation of His Power and the Manifestation of His Glory is reserved until this hour.


And if it could be told.  If it could be told in a way that you could see it, even with the eyes of your spirit.  If it could be displayed at this moment before you in a tangible form that you could see with your physical eye, it would be very difficult for you to believe that which shall shortly come to past.   It will be very difficult for you to accept it, but as you walk with the Lord, as you prepare your heart, as you feed upon His word, as you listen to what the Spirit of God says, your heart shall be prepared.  


And your mind will be changed until you will flow in the supernatural as naturally as a bird will fly in the air.  And you will flow in the supernatural as naturally as a fish will swim in the water.  And you will flow in the supernatural as naturally as you will breathe the very air.   As we spend time with the Lord, As we prepare our heartAs we feed upon His word, As we listen to what the Spirit saids, our hearts shall be prepared and our minds will be changed.   So that we can receive Him instead of reject Him when He begins to move.


You'll not be conscience of your faith, you'll not be conscience of what's going on around you, but rather you will be more conscience of the flow of the Spirit of God and He will manifest Himself.   And He will accomplish that which He desires.


For you see these are the Last Days.  And this is the End Time and what is done must be done quickly and will be done and the hearts of many will be caused to rejoice, so rejoice.  Rejoice, yea and be glad and praise the Lord.  Prepare your hearts and Let Him prepare you for that for which He has prepared you.  And so you shall walk and you shall run and you shall fly literally, spiritually speaking and you shall enjoy the fullness of that which is provided for you.


Now find out which way He is flowing and flow with Him.  And go that direction.  And the flow shall be increased.   And the flow shall be increased.  And there shall be some who stand here that the flow of the Spirit is mighty in and you rejoice in it.  And you are glad of it.  But saith the Lord, I will join another unto you that also have a mighty flow and the two rivers flowing together will flow into one.  And there will be a mighty Mississippi of His Power that will flow forth to Bless Humanity in this hour and the next hour and in the next.   For not many hours are left.


So Flow Spirit of God, Flow on.  Flow man, Flow woman.  Flow in the Spirit.  Flow with God.  For God is moving in this hour.  Move with the Lord.  And all at the moment will not be told.  But whether it's told or untold it will come to pass.  Because God's Plan shall unfold.


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