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by Prophetess Rena Wilburn

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Pastor Leroy Lawrence - Shining Star Missionary Baptist Church
Bishop J. Laverne Tyson - World Fellowship of Independent Ministries
Bishop Lonnie Roundtree - True Deliverance Family Christian Ministries


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About Us                     



Prophetess Rena Wilburn


CEO and Founder: May 2003

A chosen vessel, gifted and a giver of “self” are genuine word describing Prophetess Wilburn. Expounding the word of God powerfully shows her dedication, discipline and diligence. "Unifying the Body of Christ” a higher calling, continually influences, motivates and challenges her to reach for excellence.  Travel allows Prophetess Wilburn opportunities to minister a  prophetic, preaching, teaching and  healing  ministry to an audience of excited believers. proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ on radio and television thus fulfills the Great Commission and the personal:


Our Mission

To unite individuals in the Body of Christ for the sole purpose of promoting the Kingdom of God and the Betterment of Mankind.  To provide Religious and Social Services to enhance, enrich, and enlighten communities wherever the gospel of Jesus Christ is needed and/or requested. Finally to "Speak to Nations with One Voice".

     “Speak To Nations - With One Voice” 

 In a time of praise and worship, I heard these words, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me….." “Where did that come from”, I said to myself?  Funny, I didn’t know that scripture or where it was in the bible.  I thought “wow’ and went on singing praises to the Lord. Little did I know what God had in store for me.  Being from a traditional, denominational church, that didn’t believe in women preachers; the thought never entered my mind that God was calling me to preach.  Teach maybe, sing, but never to preach. 

  It wasn't until years later, ten to be exact that God started moving on my heart to preach.  I would teach and speak, but call myself a preacher of the gospel that was a “No, No."   It’s been twenty years and I’m just starting to walk in the things that God had shown me - Standing before great men, and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ - Compelling men to come to Christ, proclaiming Jesus is Coming (Ready or Not)  – Signs and Wonders, Miracles and Blessings, and Healing and Deliverance.

Each year Daughters of Zion host a “Women’s Seminar” design to unite, educate and minister to the needs of women.                                                        

Every Good and Perfect Gift" 

 It’s been an adventure that only time can write the closing chapters.  I had no idea what sacrifices must be made to preach the uncompromising word of the Lord.  I made the decision from the beginning, that I would not preach one way (righteousness) and live another (in sin). A dream that stands out so vividly is: I see a car; the license plate reads “Everything”.  I was so excited.  I said to myself, “God's gonna bless me with "Everything".  Little did I know that the “Everything” that was in His hands would cost me “Everything” that was in mine.  There were some things I didn’t want to give up, but I had no choice. Thank God for the teachings of great men and women that would prepare me for the road that I must travel.  A road sometimes filled with tears and disappointment.  Being misunderstood, being so tested until I felt I had no more faith.  There were times when the very foundation of my faith was so shaken that I thought I would crack under the pressure.  In a matter of six months my whole world fell apart.  Yet through it all, I learned the faithfulness of God.  He holds my right hand and says “Fear not for I am with you."  I remind Him that I am but a child, His child and that He must hold my hand very tightly or I’ll let go.

  It's through the valleys that the mountain top experiences are truly appreciated.  It is through suffering that I’ve learned that God is faithful and just, not to forget our labor of love which we have shown for His name's sake.  It is the stripping away of pride and prejudices, that which reduces you to nothing, then and only then can God truly be magnified in our lives.  It is then we can reach those we would have crossed off, those we would not have had a word of encouragement for because we couldn’t identify with their sufferings. Now we know and can say, “I’ve been there, done that, but I stand to declare that in Christ we always triumph."   

  It's in these experiences that I’ve learned to hear His voice through the darkness of time and agony of my pain and suffering.  Now I can be used to preach, “One Lord, One Faith, and One Baptism."  I won’t take any of His glory, because I know where I’ve been, but only God knows where I’m going.  So I say like the song writer, “To God be the Glory for the things He has done."  My cup is empty of selfish desires; I can finally be used as God fills it - step by step, grace by grace, and faith by faith.  My hand in His, my life is not my own, but I shall stand to see the words that He has spoken over me (my destiny) come to past - “My word shall no more be prolonged. - It’s harvest time."  I shall see my heart’s desires fulfilled - My passion for God and my compassion for His people.  God gets the glory, but we get the goods!!!  - Yes and Amen. 


Team Bio:

Kristin Wilburn (Secretary)

Daughter of David and Rena Wilburn.  Kristin is a student at KSU.  Member of the Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc. She is the president of the Lambda chapter at KSU.  Her greatest desires is operate her own Youth Center.  Currently, she attend Kentucky State University majoring in Business Administration/Management with a minor in Social Work.  Kristin states " A mind is a terrible thing to lose, but much more the death of a life with endless possibilities that have not been discovered." Kristin accepted Christ at the age of 8 years.  Her prophetic calling is been realized more and more each day.

Evelyn Smith (Vice President)

 Evelyn is the mother of 2 daughters.  She has seven grandchildren and one great granddaughter.  She cares for her mother and four grandchildren for her deceased daughter.  A psalmist by call.  Evelyn loves to sing.  Her life was radically changed after the death of her daughter and other personal problems.  Evelyn realized she needed a changed.  Her now pastor witnessed to her and she became a member of his church (Shining Star MBC).   She is active in her church's choir, kitchen and church decorating committees.  She enjoys bowling and cake decorations.  Evelyn has a heart of gold.

Nancy Jones (Treasure)

Nancy is the wife of Lorenzo Jones.  She has a set of twins: Briana and Cody.  Nancy has a passion for the things of God.  Her work background is Diversity and Finances.  She has a desire to help people with their personal  financial planning.  She is soft spoken, but truly effective in her communications with others.  She is a giver and active member of her church (Phillips Temple AME).  Nancy philosophy is a "Win... Win" scenario.  Her life was deeply touch upon reading the biography of George Washington Carver ("The Man Who Talked With The Flowers).  His simplicity of life, yet demonstrated such power because of his special relationship with God.  

Johnetta Brown (Assistant Secretary):

Johnetta loves to write, read, and learn.  Currently she is a full time student at the University of Indianapolis.  She holds a degree in Event Management.  She like planning weddings more than any other event. Johnetta has 2 children, 1 grandchild (love of my life).  She loves children.  She is always willing to work in any capacity needed for Daughters of Zion conferences.

Donna Pope-Green (Minister of Dance): God's Company Dance

Minister Donna Pope-Green, Her gifts provide organizational, administrative and leadership qualities which promote the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. She is a dedicated mother of two fine young men, Elliot and Tyron Green. Donna is currently a member of “New Beginning Ministries, International”. Donna is the founder of the Liturgical Dance Group, “God’s Company Dance”. Donna’s compassion and enduring character, encourages others to achieve their full potential and calling.  She has worked in various church ministries, designed curriculum writings,  as well as participated in various community outreach activities.  Donna is available to assist dance ministries at their practices.  A three day advance notice is requested.

Donna Harney (Administrative Support):

Donna has been happily married for 23 years to Willie Harney.  They have two daughters 19 and 25.  She is currently a member of Shining Star MBC as a assistance church clerk, president of nurse auxiliary, choir member and baptism auxiliary.  Her special call of God is play production. Donna states "My plays consist of spreading the GOOD NEWS, and WINNING SOULS . GOD is doing a work in me to spread His WORD through performing arts." She also has a love and compassion for elderly and physically challenged people. Her hobbies includes: love for cooking, writing and shopping.












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