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Coming Book Release "The SuperNatural"

by Prophetess Rena Wilburn

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Prayer Request:  We (DOZ) pray for those who unemployed that God would supernaturally employ you now... in the Name of Jesus... Amen

                           May all the things that are in God's heart be yours.... In Jesus Name... Amen.


Prayer Request: Jobs (3)

Prayer Answered: Given jobs (3)


Prayer Request: Heart Transplant

Prayer Answered: Patient doing fine


Prayer Request: Bill Payment

Prayer Answered: Bill Paid


Prayer Request: Place to Live in a new state

Prayer Answered: Found one and given a job


Prayer Request: Heart Transplant Recipient (Health Issues)

Prayer Answered: Recipient doing well


Prayer Request: Preaching Engagement

Prayer Answered: Engagement Received


Prayer Request: Another Car

Prayer Answered: Purchased a New Car


Prayer Request: Breast Cancer

Prayer Answered: Lump removed no other signs of cancer


Prayer Request: Son, Father and Mom hospital (Different ailments)

Prayer Answered: All are home doing fine


Prayer Request: Financial Blessings

Prayer Answered: Unexpected monies given


Prayer Request: Fibroids removed

Prayer Answered: Fibroids removed doing well


Prayer Request: Job

Prayer Answered: Part Time Job waiting for something in the field of college studies


Prayer Request: Depression

Prayer Answered: No more depression and Financial Blessing


Prayer Request: Back Problems

Prayer Answered: Back was better (Felt heat go down their back)


Prayer Request: Please pray we've gotten a foreclosure notice for our house.

Prayer Answered:  At the last moment, we got all the money we needed


Prayer Request: Peace in a domestic situation

Prayer Answered: They are now talking peacefully


Prayer Answered: Unexpected money (didn't ask for it)

Prayer Answered: Prophetic words spoken in 2005 and 2006 (came to past)


Prayer Request: Cancerous Condition

Prayer Answered: No cancer found (in-correct diagnosis)


Prayer Request:  Abnormalities from Doctor's report.

Prayer Answered:  Just needed vitamin "D" in my diet.


Prayer Request:  Landlord is not keeping her word. 

Prayer Answered:  She is now working with us.


Prayer Request:  My sister and her husband lives here.  We all clash.

Prayer Answered:  God has done some things that we don't always have to be together.


Prayer Request:  We need to sell our house.  It's been years trying to sale it.

Prayer Answered:  House sold in a matter of weeks and we are now moved into our new condo.


Prayer Request: Having marriage problems. 

Prayer Answered:  God has opened his heart to at least talk.  It's been years.


Prayer Request:  My husband and I were divorced and got back together, but he's decided to leave again.  Where did I miss it.

Prayer Answered:  I'm am to move on.


Prayer Request: I'm suicidal.  Nobody loves me.

Prayer Answered:  I'm still here.


Prayer Request:  I need additional money from my mortgage payment.

Prayer Answered:  Got it...


Prayer Request:  My ex-husband died... My boyfriend of many years and I broke up.  I'm devastated.

Prayer Answered: I've met someone else.  He's a Christian.  Taking it one day at a time.


Prayer Request: I'm trying to get my life back on track.  I'm studying for my GED, please pray that I pass.

Prayer Answered:  Passed GED


Prayer Request:  I need funding for Summer School Classes and Book.

Prayer Answered:  Got funds needed


Prayer Request: Needed funding for my private school

Prayer Answered: Got tenants to help with expenses.


Prayer Request: Weather change, so I can be my best when we run.

Prayer Answered: The weather changed just before our event.


Prayer Request: I've broken out in a rash, last year I ended up in ER.

Prayer Answered: Didn't have to go to ER this year.


Prayer Request:  Need 4,000.00 for foreclosure and bills.

Prayer Answered:  Got needed funds


Prayer Request:  Down and Depressed

Prayer Answered: Got a multiple words of encouragement... Thank you Lord


Prayer Request:  Please interpret this dream.

Prayer Answered:  Your interpretation was right on. 


Prayer Request:  I've been unfaithful, please pray that she won't leave.

Prayer Answered: We are working it out and she's not leaving.


Prayer Request: Money for our ministry

Prayer Answered: Got more than we needed


Prayer Request:  I needed a word from the Lord

Prayer Answered:  I got it at your conference... Praise the Lord


Prayer Request: Job Request (Going on interview).

Prayer Answered:  Got job.


Prayer Request: Job Request (Phone interview), been looking 2 years.

Prayer Answered: Got Job.


Prayer Request:  Social Security Benefit (War veteran), been waiting 2 years.

Prayer Answered: Got my benefits.  God resolves some long standing family issues as well.


Prayer Request: Nephew going to have knee surgery.

Prayer Answered:  Doing great. Surgery went well.


Prayer Request: Nephew kidneys failing him because his bp is so high.

Prayer Answered: Nephew going home, kidney's working and bp is down.


Prayer Request:  You called checking on my husband at the time he was fine,

later he was in an accident and totaled my car.  But nobody was hurt.

Prayer Answered:  Praise God


Prayer Request: Mammogram after breast cancer surgery.

Prayer Answered: No cancer.


Prayer Request: Found Cervical Cancer in young daughter.

Prayer Answered: No Cancer upon examination.


Prayer Request:  Court Case for benefits.

Prayer Answered:  Received benefits.


Prayer Request: Husband massive heart-attack.

Prophetic Word: I see him as he was when he was young.. (Meaning he's going on to glory... He died).


Prayer Request: Job.

Prayer Answered:  Best job I've ever had with benefits I never got before.


Prayer Request:  My husband is in sever pain.

Prayer Answered: Healed and getting on my nerves.


Prayer Request: Need funding for Daycare/School.

Prayer Answered: Got the needed funding and extensions needed.


Prayer Request: My son has been incarcerated.

Prayer Answered:  My son is home.


Prayer Request: Pain and knot in hand.

Prayer Answered: All gone


Prayer Request: Homeless

Prayer Answered: Got a new and better home.


Prayer Request: Reveal to my daughter the truth about her relationship with this guy because he is not good for her.

Prayer Answered: She is now dreaming about the situation she is now end..

Prayer Request: Pray for her strength to do what is been revealed.


Prayer Request:  Please pray my father-in-law was just taken to the hospital.  He's not breathing.  (James)... Later we would find that he was stroking and his family had been allowed to come back in the room because doctor's believed he wouldn't make it.

Prayer Answered: Healed .. Let go home the next day.  (Our God is awesome)


Prayer Request: Congestive Heart Failure... (DCW)

Prayer Answered: Hospitalized but went home in a week.


Prayer Request: Cancer... My sister has breast cancer.

Prayer Answered: No cancer in lymph nodes.  Operation perform, patient went home that day.


Prayer Request: Lost of Job... My daughter needs a job.

Prayer Answered: She will travel...(Prophetic word)... She had two offers.  She took the job that requires travel.


Praise Request:  I didn't ask for prayer.  You came by and touched me and all the pain left (Barbara)


Prayer Request:  My son signed up to go to Iran. 

Prayer Answered:  His tour of duty is over and he came back without a scratch.  He going to re-enlist. 


Praise Request:  I'd hurt my Achilles tendons and I was in so much pain whenever I walked.  I couldn't get up.  All you did was lay your hands on my knees and all the pain left. (Willie)


Prayer Request:  You prayed over my finances.  I'd been battling in court for a couple of years about a settlement.  When you prayed, in less than a month I received a reversal from the courts and all the money we were requesting.  (MES)

Praise Report : Enclosed is an offering to the ministry.


Prayer Request:  My doctor is running all these test and they don't seem to know what's wrong with me.

Praise Request: Nothing is wrong with you, at least none of those things they'll testing you for. (Prophetic word)....  After all the test, they discovered that I was anemic and so they put me on iron pills and I'm fine now.  (VI)


Praise Report:  You prayed over everyone as they brought their offering up.  Our work was down, but every since you prayed, I've had more overtime than I've ever had... Praise God for your ministry.  (BH)


Praise Report:  I came up to you after the service and you gave me a hug.  The anointing was so strong, I felt like I was going to pass out and would have if you hadn't let me go.  (Sister Retreat)


Prayer Request: Dating this guy, going to marry him.

Prayer Answer: He's not the right guy.  Do you know someone name Thomas (Prophetic word)? 

                       Yes, I dated someone named Thomas, but it's over.  (She married the other guy... Horrible marriage... Ugly divorced)


Prayer Request: School gave out 7 scholarships (free ride).  Son 8th on list.

Praise Report: Someone didn't accept the scholarship... Son's going to take the free ride.  (Awesome)


Praise Report:  Thank you for sowing into my ministry.  You have a giving spirit. (ESP)

                        My pleasure... (Rea)


Prayer Request: About to lose her job (last day no offers)

Prayer Report: On the last day of my old job, I finally got an offer for another job. (Lilly)


Special Note:

Hello Rena, I hope this email finds you and finds you well. This is BC, I hope you remember me. I was just thinking about you and an email you once sent me. You told me you prayed for me, my mother who was ill, and my sister who was going through a divorce.  I want to let you know I found that special woman who I am honestly in love with. My mother is doing well and my sister and her husband actually worked things out despite all their problems.  I wanted to say thank you from a grateful heart and wish you, your sister, your daughter, and the rest of your family a great holiday season. Take care of yourself and if your not too busy drop me a line.


                             For Prayer: Contact us



Book of the Month:


Tape/Book of the Month: 

Who Switched Off My Brain - Dr. Caroline Leaf



According to the American Institute of Stress, between 75 - 90% of visits to primary-care physicians result from stress related disorders.  Thoughts do cause illness and should thus be studied and controlled.  If they are powerful enough to make us sick, they are powerful enough to make us healthy as well. There are two important groups of emotions: positive (faith based emotions) and negative (fear based emotions). Expressing emotions is an important step in detoxing the brain.  It doesn’t mean you have to “wear your heart on your sleeve” or let everything “hang out.” You need to express emotions appropriately, in an environment that is safe, accepting and non-judgmental.  Don’t deny your feelings. Acknowledge them, face them and deal with them in a positive way as soon as you can. – Read Chapter 4 on Negative emotions.


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The Blessings of the Lord - Kenneth Copeland

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Unmerited Favor - Joseph Prince

Who Switched Off My Brain - Dr. Caroline Leaf

Glory Invasion - David Herzog

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The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind - Bill Johnson

The Seer - Jim W. Goll

Don't Curse Your Crisis - Michael Pitts

 The Art of Hearing God - John Paul Jackson

The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind - Bill Johnson

The Seer - Jim W. Goll

Reposition Yourself (Living Life Without Limits) - TD Jakes

The Authority of the Believer - John A MacMillan

Power Shifters - Michael Pitts

Bait of Satan - John Bevere

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The Fourth Dimension – Dr. David Yonggi Cho

Good Morning Holy Spirit – Benny Hinn

The Believer's Authority – Kenneth Hagin

Breaking the Assignment of Spiritual Assassins – Michael Pitts 

What’s the Value of a Dream -  Michael Pitts (Audio)

Understanding Dreams and Visions – John Paul Jackson (Audio)

The Untapped Power of Praise – Kenneth Hagin Jr.

Maximize the Moment – Bishop TD Jakes

The Overcoming Power of the Blood – Billye Brim (Audio)  

How to Lead a Spirit Fill Life – Kenneth Hagin

This Cup - Jentezen Franklin (Audio)

Courage - Leroy Thompson (Audio)






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