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by Prophetess Rena Wilburn

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Pastor Leroy Lawrence - Shining Star Missionary Baptist Church
Bishop J. Laverne Tyson - World Fellowship of Independent Ministries
Bishop Lonnie Roundtree - True Deliverance Family Christian Ministries


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Question and Answers:

Question: What is the greatest lesson you have learned recently.

  Answer:  God loves me. God is my father, given to me through Christ and revealed by the Holy Spirit.

                Also I can't work for His gifts (His righteousness healing, peace, love, joy, etc.). He gives them as a part of my salvation.

                So now I stand for them from a position of authority and victory...  Because I am loved by Him, I can love....


Question: Who has had the most effect on your ministry?

  Answer:  Kenneth E. Hagin... Even though I didn't attend Rhema I purchased all of his books and tapes. 

                I was a partner and received  his teaching tapes.  Awesome story.  I sent him a birthday present when

               his ministry was celebrating his 85th birthday because I couldn't attend.  Some time had passed, but I

               heard him call my name.  I told my sister and went on my way.  Two weeks later.  I got a personal thank

               you and and he actually said that I had encouraged him about the things I'd written and he blessed my ministry

               (can you believe that).  I still have the letter.      


Question: How did you get your ministry started after you were called?

  Answer: A friend of mine named Donna Pope-Green (who believed in me), sat down on my floor with me and help me do all the

              things that I needed to do.  After the initial paperwork, it took me about 6 months to 1 year working with the IRS and other

              organizations to get other things in place.  It takes grace and a  lot of hard but rewarding work to be in ministry.


Question:  Who did your website?

   Answer:  I did it.  I've worked in IT for over 30 years now.


Question:  What are some of the gifts you operate in other than the prophetic, teaching or preaching?

   Answer:  I am told that I have the gift of giving, but also an exhorter.  Being an exhorter sometimes gets me in trouble because

                 sometimes people misunderstand my intentions when they don't know me.  Because I like your message or song or a suit

                 you are wearing doesn't mean I like you in any way other than a brother in Christ.  I don't go after anything God doesn't say

                 is mine.  Many people come to me and say I really needed to be encouraged and you so encouraged me and that makes it

                 all worth it.  They never have a problem with my giving gift.


Question:  Do you believe in dream interpretation?

  Answer:  Yes, but one thing you have to remember is that dream symbols don't always have the same interpretation.  It

                 depends on the person.  I found that out the hard way.  My sister and I were always debating what things

                 meant in our dreams.  Then I realized that my dreams are 90% literal and 10%  symbolic as a whole and her dreams

                 are just the opposite. 


Question:  Where do you see God taking the Church today?

  Answer:  I believe we're now in the last of the last days and it shall be a time of great testing, but great rewards... Great battles,

                Great victories. I saw the shift in the Spirit about two years before a lot of our great leaders moved on to be

                with the Lord.


Question:  Do you believe in Divine Healing?

  Answer:  Yes, I do, but I also believe that we as a Body of Christ must participate in Healthier living.  I also believe that the path

                that God has for one person may not be the same path for someone else.  Seek God first and then go for it.


Question: What is one of your favorite sayings?

  Answer: Quiet my spirit that I may hear your voice, oh Lord.


Question: What is one of the greatest lessons you've learn over the years?

  Answer: God is always right.


Question:  How do we get in contact with you to set up a booking.

  Answer:  You can email us at info@doz1voice.org.


Question:  What is your favorite type of music?

  Answer:  I love Praise and Worship first, but I like other types of music.


Question:  Have you ever seen a real miracle?

  Answer:  Yes, I've seen God heal people, protect people supernaturally, provide for them...  We serve a God of miracles.


Question:  What do you do when you aren't being used in a church?

  Answer:  You pray and intercede for the leadership of that assembly, don't leave until God says it's time to go.  Never leave mad, if

                you do leave leave on a good note. Don't stir up strife and then leave.


Question:  What's been your greatest obstacle in Ministry?

  Answer:  The traditions of men in particular areas.


Question:  What do you do for fun?

  Answer:  I do nothing... Sometimes that a lot of fun.  I read, write, sing, dance.. I laugh at myself with sister Nancy.  I think God

                 leads me prophetically because sometimes I don't have a clue..


Question:  What is the prophetic call on your life?

  Answer:   To Teach and Preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with signs following.


Question:  Have you ever been hurt by anyone in the church?

  Answer:  Yes, but I'm sure that someone might say that I've hurt them.  (Unintentionally)


Question:  Are demons real?

  Answer:  Yes, the bible says they are....


Question:  Do you have any Mentors?

  Answer:  Yes, many. I believe that different people have different  assignments and at different phases of my life, I need them; 

                that's why I have the list of some books I've read that have truly impacted my life.   

                Example: Kenneth Hagin (Healing)

                               Joseph Prince (Grace... God's Unmerited Favor)

                               Michael Pitts (The Prophetic)

                               Joel Osteen (Be Encouraged)

                               TD Jakes (Maximize my Moments)

                               Joyce Meyers (Balance)

                               Lester Sumrall (Deliverance)

                               Pastor Leroy Lawrence (Don't Quit)

                               Dr. Leroy Thompson (Kingdom Distributors)

                               Dr. Ann Pimpton (Dream Big)

                               Bishop J. Laverne Tyson (Mentor)

                               Sister Ora Bailey (Mentor)

                               Sister Elizabeth Porter (Mentor)     

                               Sister Nancy Jones (Check and Balance)... and many many more..              


 Question:  Have you written any books?

  Answer:   I'm working on a book now about when God is silent.


Question:  Do you dream dreams that come true?

  Answer:  Yes, I journalize them so that I may gain wisdom from them.


Question:  What standard of life do you follow?

  Answer:  One standard of life I have is, "Never go after something that  God doesn't say is yours."


Question:  Is your daughter called as you to the ministry?

  Answer:  Yes, but I don't push her, she has to find the path for which God has provided for her.


Question:  Do you ministry to the children - young people?

  Answer:  My primary calling is to grow-up the Body of Christ, but I support other organizations whose assignment is the Church

                of Tomorrow. When I was struggling with the issues of Kids on Kids crimes, I remembered something Sean Slaughter said,

                "You can't wait for the kids to come to you, you have got to go and get them".  I've seen my daughter reach young people

                 on a level that I just sit back and follow her lead.


Question:  Why do you recommend the cd "The Faith Life"?

  Answer:  It was at a time in my life, where I was down and my faith was wavering that it appeared in my life and then I saw the

                impact on the lives of those around me.  Even my daughter likes it and her definition of what she doesn't like, is

                anything I like... (She thinks I'm still Old School)


  Question:  What are the hardest thing in ministry that you deal with?

  Answer:  Attending the funerals of so many young people (shot) and hearing people  say the Lord gave and the Lord taketh away. 

               The Lord gave and the Devil took them away.


Question:  What teaching have you done, that has the greatest impact on you?

 Answer:   When I taught on Demons and Spiritual Assassins.  People stayed two hours longer than I'd expected to ask questions.


Question: What one thing would you caution people in ministry to avoid?

  Answer:  Don't ever forget that people are sowing into your dreams and calling, appreciate them.  Also, don't dismiss

                someone's dream or assignment because it's not yours.  (Many members...One Body)


Question:  What do you think about the prosperity message?

  Answer:  As the Body of Christ prospers, we get to do more to reach the lost and dying for Christ...  If you don't have any money,

                you're going to suffer in this life.. Dr. Leroy Thompson said in a meeting and I agree.


Question: Who has greatly impacted your daughter?

  Answer: Other than my own pastor (my uncle) and family, she attended a convention for young people

               at Bishop Eddie Long's church in Atlanta and when I asked her what she liked the most I

               thought she would say the singing rap groups, but she preceded to tell me about what he said

               and her interaction with him and his son.


Question:  Thanks for coming to our church.  Hope to see you again.

  Answer:  It was my pleasure..  It was an honor.  


Question:  Why do you do what you do?

  Answer:  I believe this is the assignment God has given me, even before the foundation of the world. 

                I enjoy seeing the lost saved, the backslider come back home and the Saints of God walk in

                love and unity and live in victory as they journal through this life. 

                I'm so grateful to be able to speak prophetically into the lives of people... One word from

                God can change everything....


Question:  What is one of the hardest things to deal with in ministry?

  Answer:  How people treat one another in the Body of Christ and God's timing is never mine...

               I used to laugh and say, God doesn't know how to tell time and I need to buy Him a watch.

               One day I was at a store and I heard the Lord say, "Where is my watch?"   I  told him I would buy you one if you would wear

               it.. Then I laughed and  I still laugh every time I think about it.  Once He said, I was going to meet someone soon... 

               It took a year and a half...  So when He says soon, I ask my soon or yours.


Question:  When will you be back to our church? I can't wait.

  Answer:  Just call our office and speak with Kristin.


Question:  Have you ever missed God?

  Answer:  Sorry to say, "Yes".  I repent and if possible make it right and then go on.


Question:  What's one of your weakness?

  Answer:  Glad you ask for only one.  I think, sometimes being slow to move, while questioning if this is God or is it me.  


Question:  You sing very well.

  Answer:  You are being very kind... I sing what's in my spirit, so I have to be careful when I sing with others.   


Question: Do you think tongues are for everyone?

 Answer:   I think it's a gift like salvation available to all.  I don't think it's a perquisite Salvation.  The bible says "since you believe",

                not in order to believe.  When I speak in tongue, I speak mysteries from my heart (spirit) that my  mind haven't

               comprehended as of yet.  (I'm searching my spirit to see what the Holy Spirit is saying)  


Question:  Sorry to hear that you can't attend our conference.  We sure wish you could.

  Answer:  Sorry...I'm already scheduled to attend another conference on that day.  Maybe next time.


Question:  Do you travel alone?

  Answer:  I get lost at home, just think about being in another state.


Question:  Should speakers set a price before coming to a church?

  Answer:  I receive honorariums, but I believe a person should never come to your house at their own expense. You need to

                bless the man or woman of God, and receive the blessings that come from that.  Stealing from or cheating

               the speaker when it comes to money "is not" an honor to God.  (We have expenses too)


Question:  Your daughter is a remarkable, beautiful young lady and a true born leader.

  Answer:  Just like her mom... I would say... I will tell her. Thank you very much.


Question:  We just love you Minister Wilburn.

  Answer:  And I just love you too.  People like you make it all worth while.  Thanks.. Rea







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